KitchenDEV at KBIS

KitchenDEV at KBIS 2020: Find out all about 2020 HOT trends

Of all the rooms within a home, kitchens are where the familial magic happens. That is why it’s so incredibly important to make them cozy, beautiful and welcoming. No one does that better than hardworking manufacturers, retailers and interior designers who gathered last week at KBIS – the famous Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. 

KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends, and technologies. KBIS is the voice of the kitchen and bath industry and has been for 50 years.

More than 600 such professionals arrived in Las Vegas to showcase the fruits of their recent labors during this iconic multiday event. KBIS is always an inspiring and fun event, with so much to look forward to but this year we are especially excited because we got to partake in it! We spent a few amazing days learning, networking and getting inspired by some of the industry’s finest suppliers, innovators and we dare say, artists! 

KitchenDEV CEO Eric at KBIS

KitchenDEV CEO Eric at KBIS

Some of our favorite discussions were:

  • State of the Industry/ State of the Association 

State of the Industry/ State of the Association had an organized panel of experts from different segments of the industry on topics ranging from shifts in the economy and the cost of goods and materials to tariffs threatening to disrupt the supply chain and the critical shortage in skilled labor.

  • KBISNeXT Stage

KBISNeXT Stage showcased the industry’s latest trends and insights shared by leading kitchen and bath experts. Programming included the DesignBites sessions and a series of engaging panel discussions on hot industry topics.

KBIS Next Stage

KBIS Next Stage Photo by KBIS

Not to be missed: 2020 Trends


Mixing metals is in!

Whether we’re talking hardware, appliances or faucets – this year is all about mixing and matching different metals, finishes, and treatments. Glossy and matte, polished and burnished – go wild! An eclectic approach is all the rage. 

Mixed Metal Powder Room

Mixed Metal Powder Room – Photo By Form & Function Style

Freestanding tubs are more popular than ever!

If you want a high-end bathroom with a luxurious feel, pick a freestanding tub! We were amazed by their designs. 

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tub – Photo By Design Platform

Black is here to stay!

Dark black finishes are becoming very popular in the kitchen, and not just as cabinet colors! Dark countertops and appliances are taking over! 

Luxurious Black Kitchen

Luxurious Black Kitchen – Photo from Houzz

Color of the year:  Pantone classic blue 

Obviously, classic blue was prominent in cabinetry, vanities, tubs, etc, but we’ve also noticed bold and warm colors at the show. Which color is right for you this year? 

Color of the year: Pantone Classic Blue

Color of the year: Pantone Classic Blue – Photo By Studio Dearborn

Eco and health-friendly trends

The consumers are becoming more and more health and environment-conscious and those trends are translating into designs! Manufacturers and interior designers have their ear to the ground and have found amazing ways to create appliances that will make the homes a healthier place. These include water and air purification, which help fight against allergies and potential toxins in public water.

Green Designs

Green Designs – Photo By LandStudio

It was incredibly interesting to witness all the trends and innovations in one place and to network and get to know so many wonderful and inspiring people. This has been the highlight of our month! We are looking forward to it next year!