Kitchen Marketing Expert Tips to Boost Your Sales

Kitchen marketing strategy is a necessary element in a business plan of any kitchen and home improvement showroom. Competition is fierce and you need to fight for your place in the everchanging and fast-growing industry among other competitors from your area. You offer superior quality kitchen cabinets, beautiful countertops, and services that make a kitchen or home remodel easy. But, you don’t seem to manage to reach enough people who need your products and services. Or not as many as you would like to?

How to promote kitchen cabinet business, anyway?

Effective kitchen marketing is the key for new businesses and for well-established kitchen and home improvement stores that want to reach more customers and accomplish more sales. When you think about how to market a kitchen business, note that improving your kitchen remodeling marketing and your kitchen cabinet marketing strategy with our expert tips and ideas can get you results that are not only fast but also long-lasting.

Follow these kitchen marketing tips to create a smart kitchen marketing strategy. Get your newly opened kitchen business off to a great start. Improve and refine kitchen marketing plan of your well-established store and attract more customers every day. Each of these expert tips has combined a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. They will provide you with the masterful guidance you need to supercharge the growth of your business.

Make Your Kitchen Showroom Easy to Find with SEO

How to market a kitchen business today and take it to the top of the Google search?

When you market your kitchen and home improvement business properly, you don’t have to think about kitchen remodeling seasons. Best times for kitchen sales is always when you make your showroom well-known in your area.

Location-based kitchen marketing makes search engines share information about your business relevant to the search. As a kitchen and home improvement business owner, you should capitalize on location-based marketing. Make sure you get on top of the search when someone is looking for kitchen cabinets or kitchen remodeling services and products in your area.

Kitchen Cabinets NJ no1 Place in Google

Our Client: Kitchen Cabinets NJ #1 Place in Google

This means that you should optimize the content of your website for search. This is the best way to become and stay relevant online on the local level.

  • Add hyper-local keywords to the content on your website to reach audience local to you. Target your home state and city.
  • Add long-tail keywords. These are, most often, natural phrases you’d hear in conversation with your customers. They apply to the products or services you offer. These phrases are most likely the terms your potential customers use when searching for your products and services on mobile devices and voice-activated search.
  • Keep optimizing the content on your website and update it regularly to give your customers relevant, informative, and useful information.

Staying on top of the Google search will improve your kitchen remodel marketing strategy and help your potential customers find you faster and easier. Get powerful and smart local SEO strategy to help your business or brand move up the rankings in search engines, get more walk-ins, and sales.

Download Our Kitchen Marketing Strategy Ebook Guide

Build high-converting and effective kitchen marketing strategy for your business. Get your newly opened business off to a great start by improving kitchen marketing plan of your well-established store & attract more customers every day. This free kitchen marketing ebook offers expert tips that combine a wealth of experience & deep industry knowledge. Reach more customers, acquire more leads, and start selling more kitchens, starting today.Chapters Include:
  1. Help People Find You
  2. Boost Local Testimonials and Reviews
  3. Showcase Your Projects
  4. Promote Your Business on Houzz
  5. Create Winning Website Content
  6. Localize and Personalize Search Ads
  7. Engage with Local Audience on Social
  8. Attract Customers with Simple & Powerful Website Design
  9. Reach More Customers with Smart Email Marketing Strategy

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Improve Your Kitchen Marketing Strategy with Local Testimonials and Reviews

Did you know that 82% of adults in the United States check online reviews before making a purchase? 75% of them say they heavily rely on reviews to initially evaluate the quality and value of local businesses.

A sincere testimonial or a review and recommendation from a happy customer you served in your showroom will go a long way in the promotion of your business. It’s one of the best kitchen marketing ideas. Start improving your Reputation Management today. Start asking for Google, Houzz, Yelp, and Facebook kitchen sales reviews from your customers. Most of them will be happy to say thank you online and help other people who are looking to remodel their kitchens by recommending you. Collect, highlight, and promote your reviews and success stories. With the number of reviews your reputation will grow, and with your reputation, the number of sales will grow.

How We Help Our Clients Get More Reviews

We helped Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, our client from Wayne, NJ, to receive over 100 reviews across five channels.

Read their success story.

Another client, Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath from Queens, NY, gathered more than 120 customer reviews in total on GMB, FB, Houzz, and Yelp.

Read their success story.

kitchen marketing

Take Control of Your Reputation with RateMB

Our kitchen marketing strategy is simple and effective. We help you invite your customers to share their experience using our reputation management tool RateMB, we give them a chance to express their concerns and prevent negative reviews, give detailed instructions on how to leave a review, listen, monitor, analyze, and improve.

If you need more kitchen advertising ideas, getting more reviews and showcasing the best ones is one of the most effective ones.

Proudly Showcase Your 5-Star Reviws

Proudly Showcase Your Excellent Reviews

Start using our Reputation Management software today to turn your happy customers into 5-star online reviews on places where new customers and clients will find you — on Google my Business, Houzz, Facebook, and Yelp, and get a second chance with unhappy customers. Do it right this time.

Reputation Management is one of the most important strategies in your kitchen marketing plan. Today, online reputation is everything for local kitchen businesses.

Plan Smarter Kitchen Marketing with Clever Project Showcases

How to promote kitchen cabinet business and how to create an effective kitchen cabinet marketing strategy are two questions that go hand in hand. Both can be answered with a kitchen advertising idea that produces great results for many local kitchen and home improvement showrooms and businesses — Kitchen Cabinets Projects Showcase!

If you are a local kitchen cabinet store, you know how hard can it be to increase the sales. Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most expensive items in a kitchen remodel. However, there is a way to show why your kitchen cabinet showroom is the best place to buy kitchen cabinets. You need a kitchen remodel marketing strategy. Except for the lowest price, offer your customers a unique view of how these cabinets look like in a real kitchen. Best cabinet marketing is the one when you show their beauty, their real value, and what do they mean for the people who bought them and are now enjoy using them.

Kitchen Marketing Project Showcase on Website

Kitchen Marketing Project Showcase on Website Example

If you are a builder or a contractor, showcase your work, and show your potential clients how their kitchen can be beautiful if you help them install it. A visual presentation of your work will speak a thousand words!

Start documenting your projects, take photos, display them on your website and, ideally, pair them with a review from a happy customer. Nothing will motivate your new customers better than this to pick up the phone and call you, or to pay you a visit today.

Improve Your Kitchen Marketing Plan with Winning Website Content

How to sell kitchens?

How to promote kitchen cabinet business?

You may be surprised, but your website is one of the most crucial factors.

In today’s kitchen improvement and remodeling industry, making a sale is not a final step towards success. It is more likely that there is no, in fact, a final step. Success is a continuous process of many interactions with your existing and potential customers and clients. Before they decide to remodel their kitchen, as well as after they bring a decision, homeowners will need much information, advice, and tips regarding kitchen cabinet purchase, for example. They will look for this information online. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who will provide them with the most relevant advice, the most useful tip, and fresh, updated information?

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to do kitchen cabinet marketing. Give your customers exactly what they need. Make them find your answers fast and easily for all the questions they have regarding their kitchen remodel. Write blog posts, landing pages, product and services descriptions to help your customers and to boost kitchen marketing and cabinet marketing. Increase your chances to be found in search and to explain to your potential customers why your kitchen cabinet showroom is the best place for their needs.

Perfect Your Kitchen Marketing Strategy with Localized Search Ads

How to promote kitchen cabinet business and how to market a kitchen business with paid ads and make sure your ads actually pay off? Localize and personalize them!

Create kitchen cabinet offers specific to your area and region. These offers should be based on the needs of your audience, their age, their interests. Local Google search ads are one of the most trustworthy and the most cost-effective ways to drive more leads and direct kitchen sales. Get the top spot in Google for a local search relevant to your kitchen business. Acquire a link to your kitchen cabinet showroom or kitchen remodel store info, a link to your website, as well as to directions to your store.

Kitchen Marketing Strategy Paid Ads

Kitchen Marketing Strategy: Paid Ads

Why not use the opportunity to increase the number of calls to your store with a click-to-call link on mobile ads? This way, customers can contact your business directly from the Google search page.

Make sure to localize and personalize your paid ads as much as possible. They are CPC (cost-per-click) based and you will pay based on the number of clicks you receive. Find the best digital agency to create the most cost-effective and eye-catching PPC campaigns, tailor-made for your kitchen business.

Engage with Local Audience on Social to Boost Your Kitchen Marketing

Social media is another important place where you should connect to your local audience and customers. Social media made very easy for us to connect with people based on where do they live or work.

It’s very easy nowadays to connect with people on social media based on their physical location. Kitchen and home improvement professionals interested in attracting a specific local audience should publish their address with a map. They should use location-specific information like hyper-local keywords in bios, posts, and hashtags.

As a kitchen cabinet showroom or a kitchen remodeler, use social media to maximize engagements with your audience and increase the awareness around your business. Having in mind that 48% of U.S. consumers engage with brands and businesses on social media (according to Hootsuite), you can safely conclude that social media is one of the most important places for your kitchen marketing. Many of your competitors are already using social media to improve their customer service. Twitter-based and Facebook-based customer service is not new. Many say that they appreciate the convenience, consistency, and speed of social media as a customer service platform.

Boost Your Kitchen Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Boost Your Kitchen Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Attract More Customers with Simple but Powerful Website Design

Everything that appears online about your kitchen cabinet or kitchen remodel business should reflect your values in the best possible way. Social media, website content, reviews, and ads will greatly benefit your smarter kitchen marketing strategy but website design will also say a lot.

Just as your kitchen showroom is the face of your business in the physical world, your website is the face of your company in the online world. Today, most customers will first start looking for you online, so make sure you leave the impression you want. Intrigue your audience with a simple, adaptable, intuitive, well-optimized website, easy to browse on all devices. Have the needs of your customers in mind when designing a website. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for as fast as possible.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Kitchen Businesses INFOGRAPHIC

Digital Marketing Strategy for Kitchen Businesses INFOGRAPHIC

Attract Customers with Beautiful Website

Kitchen Marketing Strategy: Attract More Customers with a Beautiful Website

Smart Kitchen Marketing Ideas for Long-Term Success

As a kitchen cabinet showroom or a kitchen remodel store, you have your own, unique voice, and your ideal customers that you want to reach and form long-lasting relationships with. Applying all above kitchen marketing ideas to your kitchen marketing strategy will go a long way in securing success for your business.

Make sure to stand out from your competition and use every opportunity to show and prove why your kitchen cabinet showroom is better than your competitor’s. Local kitchen marketing is the most effective way to create authentic interactions with your customers online, to show them that you speak their language and that your business addresses their pain points and fulfills their needs.

Show your audience the human side of your business. Let them know that you, as a kitchen and cabinet professional, understand what they need. Then show them that you have what they need. Get more excellent reviews with our Reputation Management Software. Estimate smarter and win customers faster with our Estimating Software. Help your customers to design a kitchen from their dreams with KitchenDEV Kitchen Design Tool.

Simplify and innovate your processes to get to your customers faster than your competition using our tools. Use our professional kitchen marketing tips to perfect your kitchen cabinet marketing strategy and kitchen remodeling marketing. Stay on top of the news and current eventsin your industry. To start driving more direct kitchen sales, contact us today.